From 2005 to 2010 The Philadelphia and Denver Mints produced Special Mint Sets with Lincoln Cents having a satin finish. These have not enjoyed a great popularity among collectors despite having relatively low mintage numbers.

Satin Cent Mintages

Another interesting fact is that the 2009 SMS coins were made of the old predominantly copper composition.

Lincoln Cent Composition
1909-194295% copper
5% tin & zinc
1943zinc coated steel2.70
1944-194695% copper
5% zinc
1947-196295% copper
5% tin & zinc
1962-198295% copper
5% zinc
1982-present97.5% zinc
2.5% copper
2009 SMS95% copper
5% tin & zinc

2009 was a busy year as the mints produced no fewer than twenty different coin variations to be collected:
  1. Philadelphia Early Childhood Business Strike
  2. Philadelphia Formative Years Business Strike
  3. Philadelphia Professional Business Strike
  4. Philadelphia Presidency Business Strike
  5. Denver Early Childhood Business Strike
  6. Denver Formative Years Business Strike
  7. Denver Professional Business Strike
  8. Denver Presidency Business Strike
  9. San Francisco Early Childhood Proof
  10. San Francisco Formative Years Proof
  11. San Francisco Professional Proof
  12. San Francisco Presidency Proof
  13. Philadelphia Early Childhood Special Mint Strike
  14. Philadelphia Formative Years Special Mint Strike
  15. Philadelphia Professional Special Mint Strike
  16. Philadelphia Presidency Special Mint Strike
  17. Denver Early Childhood Special Mint Strike
  18. Denver Formative Years Special Mint Strike
  19. Denver Professional Special Mint Strike
  20. Denver Presidency Special Mint Strike

In 2017 The San Francisco Mint produced a 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated coin set with the S mintmark. Composed of 2.5% copper and weighing 2.5 grams, each coin was treated with a special laser frosting effect that produces a range of matte and mirror finishes on the same coin surface.

In 2019 The West Point Mint produced a similar Enhanced Uncirculated coin set with the W mintmark.

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